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Triple trees (Fork Brackets) & Fork Bracket Covers.
For American V-twin custom and Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Also Wide Glide, Mid Glide & Narrow Glide Conversion Kits (as avail.)

For trees specific to Springers, go to Springer Front End page.


Rake kit for FL models

and H-D FL Trike models.


6 degree rake triple trees for FL Harley-Davidson Trikes and FL model motorcycles.

Adapter for FLHR Road King H-D.


Get that longer Bagger look.
Increase frame to fender clearance for larger front wheels.
No modifications to OEM frame needed.
Accept all OEM equipment.
Maintain stock ride height of the vehicle.
Reduce steering effort on trike (acts as power steering for trikes) without eliminating steering feel - reduced effort leads to reduced rider fatigue, allowing for longer rides.

Please note:

Road King models require Adapter (Part# 0408-0313), sold below, to overcome clearnce issues.

This is a SPECIAL ORDER ITEM.  Special orders cannot be express shipped, and cannot be returned except for manufacturer defect.
PART # 0408-0309 6º Rake Kit for 87-01 FLT/FLHT/FLHR/FLTR Models ...$894.95

PART # 0408-0310 6º Rake Kit for 02-13 LFHT/FLHR/FLHX/FLTR Models and H-D FL Trike Models ... $894.95
PART # 0408-0313 Adapter for FLHR Models ... $99.95


Excel  Wicked style Triple trees for wide glide in chrome or polished, made in America



frame fitment images for excel triple tree


Wicked Style
The unique style of the top bracket eliminates the protrusion of the fork tube caps and the stem nut.
The fork tubes are secured into the lower bracket with wedge pins and jack screws to eliminate the conventional pinch bolt slots.
Included flush mount stem nut is incorporated under the lower bracket and the bearing pre-load can be easily set from the bottom.
For maximum strength and repeatable accuracy, the fork brackets are CNC machined from certified 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and the steering stem and additional hardware are made from stainless steel.
Removable headlight mount measures .750" wide and fits most custom headlights.

Available in Chrome or Polished finishes.  MADE IN THE U.S.A.


Late 1977/Later 41mm fork tubes.
Big Twin frame with removable head cups or custom Big Twin frame (without head cups) that has a machined-in fork stop tab.
Headlight with 3/4" wide forked bottom mount.
Late style handlebar riser dampers (3 piece).

Part #: M36273 - Chrome Plated Billet Non-Raked Kit ... $418.17

Part #: M36274 - Chrome Plated Billet 4° Raked Kit ... $418.17

Part #: M36275 - Chrome Plated Billet 6° Raked Kit ... $418.17


Part #: M36270 - Polished Billet Non-Raked Kit ... $336.01

Part #: M36272 - Polished Billet 6 ° Raked Kit ... $357.41

Front Triple Tree for Wide Glide, no mounting tabs


Triple Tree with slider cover mounting tabs for wide glide


Triple tree set with slider cover mount tab and fork lock tab



Includes early style lower bracket and stem and late style rubber handlebar mount upper fork bracket.
Available with or without slider cover mounting tabs as listed.

Part #: M36250 Chrome Plated Bracket Set without Slider Cover Mounting Tabs. Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later with 41mm fork tubes and custom use ... $217.46

Part #: M36251 Chrome Plated Bracket Set with Slider Cover Mounting Tabs. Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later with 41mm fork tubes and custom use ... $212.69

Part #: M36280 Chrome Plated Bracket Set with Slider Cover Mounting Tab & Fork Lock Tab. Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later with 41mm fork tubes and custom use ... $199.99

Billet front fork bracket (triple trees) for 41 mm forks, ball milled.

For use in many custom applications using 41mm fork tubes.

Part #: M36206 - Chrome Plated, Ball Milled, No Rake. Fits custom applications ... $199.99

Front fork bracket sets for FLST, chrome or black.

Front Fork Bracket Sets for FLST Models - V-Factor

If you are building a bike and want it to have the Heritage Softail look, then this is the fork bracket you have been wanting. Not only will this look great when building a custom, but also can't be beat if you just want to replace the stock black set. They include tabs for the lower slider covers, are drilled and tapped to accept trim covers and accept the stock style headlamp. A fork lock tab is also included to help keep your bike yours. Fits FLST models 1986/1999 and custom application with 41mm fork tubes. (Rpls. HD 45456-86 & 45603-86)

#M36282 - Chrome Plated. $205.16

Smooth style billet front fork bracket sets for Wide Glide forks.  Free shipping included in price.

Smooth Style Billet Front Fork Brackets sets for Wide Glide Forks

Fully sculpted billet aluminum upper and lower brackets really set these apart from the rest. They feature a stainless steel stem bolt that mounts through the lower bracket thus eliminating the conventional style top stem nut. This type of mount provides an uncluttered look and the bearing pre-load is much easier to adjust than OE style fork brackets. The top bracket is machined for the rubber style handlebar riser bushings and is slotted for the handlebar switch wiring. Includes a .750" wide removable male type mount and can be used with most custom headlight assemblies.

Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later and Softail 1984/1988 when used with our M36671 lower fork bearing cup with built-in fork stop. Also fits FXDWG 1993/Later. If converting to 41mm fork tube assemblies, these fork bracket kits will fit FXR 1982/Later, FXD 1991/Later, and Sportster 1989/Later.

Chrome plated. Smooth style Non-raked. Part#: M36286 - $307.69

Chrome plated. Smooth style 3 degree rake. Part#: M36210 ... $375.94

Chrome plated. Smooth style 5 degree rake. Part#: M36211 ... $372.55

4 degree  or 6 degree or no rake billet front fork bracket kit for wide glide forks.  Made in USA.

Choice of Chrome or Polished, in non-raked, 4 degree rake, or 6 degree rake

Wedge Pin and Jack Screw shown enlarged.

Wedge Pin and Jack Screw shown enlarged

Billet Front Fork Bracket Kits for Wide Glide Forks by Hardbody

Strong, clean, simple and well thought out is the best way to describe our HARDBODY Wide Glide Fork Bracket Kits. Notice there is no top stem nut to clutter the looks like conventional fork brackets. The included flush mount stem nut is incorporated under the lower bracket and the bearing pre-load can easily be set from the bottom. Next, notice there are no fork tube pinch slots in the lower bracket. We opted to use a wedge pin and jack screw combination to securely lock the fork tubes in place. For maximum strength and repeatable accuracy, these fork brackets are CNC machined from certified 6061-T6 billet aluminum and the steering stem and additional hardware is made from stainless steel. The removable headlamp mount measures .750" wide and fits most custom headlamps. For best results use our 41338 or 41337 heavy duty handlebar riser bushing set. Each fork bracket kit includes removable upright style fork stops. When used on custom frames without stop provisions, simply use our 36671 lower fork cup with built in fork stop tab. Includes installation instructions and important information about how to determine front end rake. With built-in 4 degree rake. Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later, softail 1984/1988 (when used with 36671 lower fork bearing cup with built-in stop) & FXWG 1993/Later. Made in USA.

Description Part # Price Buy Now
Chrome Non-raked Kit M36289 $309.83

Chrome  4 degree rake

M36292 $320.97
Chrome  6 degree rake M36299 $322.87
Polished 6 degree rake M36298 $270.33
Billet Front Fork Bracket Kit for Wide Glide Forks.  Light Weight.


Weighing in at a mere 6.1 pounds & 41mm (1 5/8"), this Fork Bracket Kit is machined from billet aluminum and provides a look like no other. The shape contributes to its light weight, and the unique bearing tension nut combined with its lower stem nut provides the ultimate strength to help eliminate fork flex. This style of lower stem nut provides a smooth top bracket for a clean uncluttered look. Urethane handlebar riser bushings with chrome plated washers are included to help eliminate transmitted vibration and at the same time provide a solid feel. The lower bracket features upright style fork stops, a slotted headlamp mount tab and is drilled and tapped for a brake line tee.

Fits Big Twin 4 speed 1949/Later and Softail 1984/1988. Also fits FXDWG 1993/Later. If converting to 41mm fork tube assemblies, this fork bracket kit will fit FXR 1982/Later, FXD 1991/Later and Sportster 1989/Later.

Part#:M36290 - Chrome Plated 0° Rake Kit ... $224.71

Part#: M36207 - Chrome Plated 3° Rake Kit ... $219.34

Part#: M36208 - Chrome Plated 5° Rake Kit ... $225.79

Billet Front Fork Bracket for 49mm forks.  Triple tree 49mm

Shown in Balled Milled finsh, also availble in Smooth


Part #: M36253 - Chrome Plated with Ball Milled Accents. Fits FXDWG 2006/Later & custom applications.
Replaces HD 46700-06 & 46386-06 ... $229.15

Part #: M36252 - Chrome Plated with Smooth finish. Fits FXDWG 2006/Later & custom applications.
Replaces HD# 46700-06 & 46386-06 ...

Front fork Mid Glide Bracket kit for 35mm Showa fork with dual disc brakes.

FX 1977/1983 4 speed models with 35mm Showa Fork with Dual Disc Brakes


Mid-Glide kits available for Showa front forks. This kit will change width of front end to 8 5/8", which is 2" wider than stock. Shown are the individual parts. Kits contain all hardware necessary for converting to Mid-Glide front end including: upper bracket, handlebar bushing kit, headlamp bracket which is extra thick to prevent cracking and has cut out for headlamp, lower bracket with fork stops and neck assembly, dust shields, aluminum fender spacers, spacer bolts and washers for fender, axle, and all screws, bolts washers, and nuts required. For stock applications, use original stem nut. For custom applications use our 36615 stem nut with washer. Triple tree is hot forged steel made to exceed specifications of original equipment. Grade five bolts are used throughout. Completely chrome plated. A super look can be achieved with this kit which eliminates the unsightly space around the axle when a Wide Glide kit is fabricated. Handling and control is as good as original front fork.

Fits FX 1977/1983 4 speed models with 35mm Showa Fork with Dual disc Brakes. Part#:M36702 ... $389.69

 Fork Brace, chrome, FXD



Designed to improve handling characteristics by eliminating fork flex
Clamps directly to the legs and not to the tubes, allowing the bridge to closely hug the contour of the front fender
The bridge mounting holes are slotted for perfect alignment
Aluminum construction for strength and light weight
Clamps measure 2.5" I.D.

Part#:M36209 - Chrome Plated Fork Brace, fits 49mm FXD 2006/Later ... $107.54

Skull front fork lock cover kit for Road King FLHR

smooth front fork lock cover kit


Extend the useful life of your fork lock by not letting the elements such as rain and sand enter the key hole.
The chrome plated billet aluminum cap pivots out of the way for ease of entry and is weather sealed by O rings.
This simple to install kit is an economical way to dress up and protect an otherwise unsightly spot on your motorcycle.

Part #: M36672 - Skull Cover Kit, Fits Road King models (FLHR) 1994/2002. Replaces HD# 71659-99A ... $45.95

Part #: 36673 - Smooth Cover Kit, Fits Road King models (FLHR) 1994/2002. Replaces HD# 71659-99A ... $39.98

Fork Bracket Covers:
Headlight housing conversion kit for FLST - fork bracket covers.


Use this conversion kit to transform the look of your Fat Boy or Heritage Softail. This kit replaces the Hydra Glide style stamped steel headlamp and fork panels with th eDuo Glide style die cast aluminum tupe headlamp housing. Bolts to your existing fork brackets with the supplied special mounts. Use with your existing 7" O.D. headlamp. Includes all parts as shown. Fits all FLST models 1986/Later (except FLSTS).

Part#:M36824 ... $398.69

Front Fork Panel Set - fork bracket covers.

Front Fork Panel Set for Big Twin

Front Fork Panel Set. A great looking throwback to the classic original equipment, this set includes front and rear panels. Chrome plated.

Part#:M36823 - Fits FLST, FLSTN, FLSTF 1986/Later. ... $64.70

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