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Belt drives, belt drive covers, clutch kits, chain drives, drivetrain packages, kick start transmission, offset sprockets, points, derby & ignition coves, primary belts, primary chains, primary covers, pulley & brake combo kit, rear drive belts, Sportster performance parts, six speed conversion, rear sprockets, rotors, transmissions & parts.

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Battery related, battery tenders, charging systems,coils & mounts, dash/instrument panels, speedos, tachs, terminal kits, electronic ignitions, handlebar switches, headlights, horns, lighted license plate mounts, lighting, starter motors, taillights, turn signals, wiring harnesses.

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Motorcycle engine parts, drivetrain packages, cams & cam side parts, big bore kits, big bore piston kits, Sportster engine parts, motor mounts, drivetrain section, engine mounts.

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Exhaust pipes listed by model, exhaust accessories, insulating wrap, mufflers, extensions, high heat spray, heat shields, clamps and mounts.

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Frames listed by style, engine mounts, fenders, struts, floorboards, foot rests, pegs, frame covers, hardtails, highway bars, kickstands, lowering kits, seats listed by model, shocks, sissy bars & pads, swingarms.. Also, Rolling Chassis Kits.

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Complete front fork assemblies, fairings & fairing accessories, fork brackets/triple trees, fork tubes, sliders, fork legs, boots, springer front ends & parts, wide glide kits.

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Saddlebags listed by manufacturer, windshields

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Electronic Speedos & Tachs

Dash/Instrument Panels


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Digital Speedometers & Speedo/Tachometers - prices include free shipping*

Miles Per Hour Readout. No returns on electrical items. 



Fits both "Batwing" and "Road Glide" Fairings


Dakota Digital guage cluster kit for fairing models including Road Glide.  Direct plug-in.

Dakota Digital fairing guage cluster comes in red or blue LED that shows even in sunlight.

view/download instruction manual


Complete 6 gauge set that plugs directly into your stock wiring, and even use the stock mounting hardware and senders*. Fits all '96- '03 Harley-Davidson fairing models including Road Glide.


Speedometer with odometer and dual trip meters.
Tachometer with clock and gear position indicator.
Oil Pressure with warning.
Oil Temperature with warning.
Voltage with warning.
Fuel Level with warning.
Choice of : Blue or Red Displays

#M48065 - Blue Display Guage Cluster Kit ... $1079.98

#M48066 - Red Display Guage Cluster Kit ... $1209.57

Additional features include, clock, gear position, 0-60 time, ¼ mile time, ¼ mile per hour, 0-60 mile per hour, and high speed recall. Includes cruise on and cruise engaged indicators as well as security and check engine lights. Extremely bright Blue or Red LED displays are highly viewable in sunlight! MADE IN THE U.S.A.

* Oil temperature gauge comes with sender you will install in existing hole in Oil Pan, wiring is included.

* User selectable to metric (km/h Celsius)

Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II for Custom Handlebars

Odessey Series II digital gauge for custom handlebar use.


Dakota Digital Odyssey Series II Gauges with choice fo MPH or RPM.

2-1/6 O.D.




contact us


Odyssey Series II
Chrome Plated, 2 1/16" O.D.
Designed with the chopper in mind, these gauges do not require any hard to hide external module.
Gauges are sold separately and will require the appropriate housing cover and mounting bracket as needed.
Speedometers will also require the appropriate sensor, adapter or sending unit as listed.
The gauges feature high visibility digital numerals that are easy to read in full sunlight and include a non-glare high contrast lens.
All calibration is done with the function below.
The tachometer features an adjustable warning point to flash the gauge readout and includes a high RPM readout.

Part#:M48062 - Miles Per Hour (MPH), Gauge Only ... $281.26

Sensors, Adapters & Sending Units:

(Please Note: Our minimum order is $35.00 total. Order with Gauge, or take advantage of our low Flat Rate Shipping and get everything you need now!)

Required Sensor Options:

#M48636  - Transmission Type Sensor for most Big Twin 1996/Later and aftermarket Transmissions designed for this type of inserted sensor. 71" Lead Wire (Sensor is Machined Finish) ...$80.00

#M48635 - Adapter Cable (Harness) required when using the OEM Transmission Mounted Speedometer Sensor, 24" Lead Wire... $20.25

#M48638 - Required Rear Axle Spacer Mounted Sensor for models that do not have any provisions for a Transmission Sensor or a Speedometer Cable. Mounts to the 1 1/8" O.D. Rear Axle Spacer and picks up off of the 5 Steel Sprocket or Pulley Mounting Bolts. 71" Lead Wire (Sensor is Polished) ... $119.98
#M48639 - Required Sprocket Tooth (Universal) Sensor designed to pick up off the teeth of a Steel Sprocket or a Steel Transmission Pulley, Requires a fabricated mounting bracket with a 1/2" hole for the sensor. 40" Lead Wire ... $53.25


REQUIRED MOUNTS - NOTE: Clamps can be used with the gauge in front or behind the handlebar.


Handlebar Clamp for custom bar.

Handlebar clamp shown installed.

shown installed

Handlebar Clamp for Custom Bar

1 inch O.D. M48134 $75.00
1 1/4 inch O.D. M48135 $80.00
1 1/2 inch O.D. M48136 $85.00


Riser top clamps for OE risers for guage.

Riser top clamps for OE risers, shown installed.

shown installed

Riser Top Clamps for OE Risers

Angles gauge back 35° for 1" O.D. straight risers. M48138 $89.00
Gauges mounts flat (same angle as top clamp) for 1" O.D. pullback risers. M48137 $85.00


Riser Clamp for round risers on 3 1/2 inch centers.

Riser clamp mount shown installed.

shown installed

Riser Clamp for Round Risers on 3 1/2 inch Centers

1 inch O.D. M48139 $89.00
1 1/4 inch O.D. M48140 $94.00

1 1/2 inch O.D.

M48141 $99.00


Gauge Housing Cover for Dakota Digital  gauge for custom handlebars.  Choose chrome or raw steel.

Gauge Housing Covers

Chrome Plated M48263 $75.00
Raw Steel M48264 $60.00

Chrome Plated: for use with handlebar mounting bracket.

Raw Steel: for welding on to custom made handlebars.


Required handlebar mounting bracket for Odyssey II gauge.  Choice of sizes, for custom handlebar use.

Handlebar Mounting Bracket

1" I.D. M48260 $60.00
1 1/4" I.D. M48261 $65.00
1 1/2" I.D. M48262 $70.00

Speedometer/Tachometer with all dash functions from Wire Plus.

Back side view of speedo / tach combo with all dash functions.  Shown on 1 inch outside diameter drag bars.

Color is Violet


  • Chrome Plated.
  • Compact 2 1/2" design of the instrument panel combines all of the functions of multiple gauges and indicators in one custom package without the need for an external control box.
  • An on-screen push button allows access to a 3 digit readout with your choice of MPH or KPH, tachometer, odometer, tripometer or battery voltage read out.
  • Full complement of indicator lights include high beam, turn signals, low oil pressure, neutral and service engine light.
  • Speedometer calibration is easily accomplished (with an on-screen push button) by using a known distance such as highway mile markers.
  • The super bright display can be viewed easily in daylight but will automatically dim at night.
  • Housing is designed so the 46" long lead wires can be routed on the inside or on the outside of the handlebars.
  • Speedometer will require a transmission-mounted speed sensor (or like device).
  • Tachometer requires a digital tachometer trigger wire from your electronic ignition (will not work off the primary terminal of the ignition coil). Most aftermarket electronic advance ignitions include a separate digitally operated tachometer output wire.
  • Note: Due to the J1850 data bus used for communication between the instrument cluster and the turn signal/security module these will not work on 2004/Later models.

Instructions included.

Part#:M48080 - Mounts on 1" O.D. Handlebars between custom risers ...$399.99

Digital Speedo/Tach for 04 and later Softail and FXDWG from Dakota Digital.

Rear of gauge shows simple plug-in for dash.


Chrome Plated.
255 MPH speedometer is already calibrated.
Odometer with two resettable trip odometers.
Resettable Miles to Service with warning (user settable countdown) and hour meter.
Clock (12 hour format).
Quick response bar graph tachometer with adjustable shift point warning.
Gear Position Indicator compatible with 3 through 6 speed transmissions.
Various indicators can also be displayed such as Turn Signal, High Beam, Neutral, Low Oil Pressure, low Voltage and Security Indicators.
Voltage readout.
Cruise on and Cruise engaged indication.
Automatic turn signal canceling compatible.
"Wait to Start"/"Check Engine" light.
Several performance calculations include: 0-60 time, high speed & high RPM recall, 1/4 mile time and speed.
Chrome front bezel with non-glare scratch resistant lens.
Machined aluminum housing.
Includes Instructions.

Part#: M48083- Fits Softail 2004/Later & FXDWG 2004/Later ... $467.22

Digital Speedometer and Tachometer in one for tank mounted dash.

Hardware included in digital speedo/tach for tank mounted motorcycle dash.


For use in stamped steel or cast dash.
Manual & automatic calibration.
Sensor sold separately.
Includes mounting hardware.

Part#:M48011 - Digital Speedometer/ Tachometer with built in indicator lights ... $201.53

Digital insturment panel for custom handlebars.

Digital Instrument Panel

Shown installed

Color is Violet




two piece handlebar brackets shown installed.



Compact design of this instrument panel combines all of the functions of multiple gauges and indicators in one custom package.
Main functions include bar graph type tachometer and digital read-out speedometer (MPH or KPH) with odometer and tripometer.
Indicator lights include turn signal, high beam, low oil pressure and neutral.
A charging system monitor that displays a low charging rate or an overcharge rate is also included.
Speedometer calibration is easily accomplished (with an on-screen push button) by using a known distance such as highway mile markers.
The super bright display can easily be seen in daylight but will automatically dim at night.
Panel housing is CNC machined from billet aluminum and the contents are epoxy sealed for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance.
Instrument panel measures 2" long x 3.350" wide x 1" tall and requires one of the mounting brackets listed.
Instructions are included. Made in U.S.A.
Note: Requires the OEM transmission mounted speed sensor found on most 1995/Later models and an aftermarket ignition system that has a separate digitally operated tachometer output wire. The tachometer will not operate directly off of the coil's primary terminal.

Instrument Panel (shown installed) - Part#:M48059 ... $499.99


Two piece handlebar brackets (shown installed).
Available for handlebar use or a tab mount that requires a custom bracket that mounts on 1" centers.
Description Part # Price Buy Now
1 inch handlebar brackets M48256 129.99
1-1/4 inch handlebar brackets M48257 129.99
1-1/2 inch handlebar brackets M48258 129.99
Tab mount for custom applications M48259 49.99

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